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Lenovo is a mobile phone manufacturer that produces highly performant smartphones that tend to be cheaper than their competitors. If you want to buy a phone that is worth every dime you spend on it, then our collection of Lenovo smartphones is where you need to look.

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Lenovo A269i (Black)

Lenovo A269i (Black)..

2,813.00INR Ex Tax: 2,813.00INR

Lenovo A319 (Black)

Lenovo A319 (Black)..

5,600.00INR Ex Tax: 5,600.00INR

Lenovo A328 (Black)

Lenovo A328 (Black)..

6,000.00INR Ex Tax: 6,000.00INR

Lenovo A328 (White)

Lenovo A328 (White)..

6,944.00INR Ex Tax: 6,944.00INR

Lenovo A369i (Black)

Lenovo A369i (Black)..

3,958.00INR Ex Tax: 3,958.00INR

Lenovo A390 (Black)

Lenovo A390 (Black)..

4,999.00INR Ex Tax: 4,999.00INR

Lenovo A390 (White)

Lenovo A390 (White)..

5,777.00INR Ex Tax: 5,777.00INR

Lenovo A516 (Grey)

Lenovo A516 (Grey)..

6,199.00INR Ex Tax: 6,199.00INR

Lenovo A516 (White)

Lenovo A516 (White)..

7,950.00INR Ex Tax: 7,950.00INR

Lenovo A526 (Aurora Blue)

Lenovo A526 (Aurora Blue)..

5,270.00INR Ex Tax: 5,270.00INR

Lenovo A536 (Black)

Lenovo A536 (Black)..

8,389.00INR Ex Tax: 8,389.00INR

Lenovo A536 (White)

Lenovo A536 (White)..

7,899.00INR Ex Tax: 7,899.00INR

Lenovo A60+ (Black)

Lenovo A60+ (Black)..

3,690.00INR Ex Tax: 3,690.00INR

Lenovo A680 (Black)

Lenovo A680 (Black)..

5,846.00INR Ex Tax: 5,846.00INR

Lenovo A680 (White)

Lenovo A680 (White)..

5,824.00INR Ex Tax: 5,824.00INR