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Xolo produces both Android and Windows Phone devices that feature high quality components. In fact, Xolo was among the first companies to manufacture an Intel processor powered Android phone. This smartphone provider's handsets will satisfy the needs of all users from the average to the most pretentious one.

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XOLO 8X-1000 (Black)

XOLO 8X-1000 (Black)..

11,850.00INR Ex Tax: 11,850.00INR

XOLO 8X-1100 (Black)

XOLO 8X-1100 (Black)..

13,369.00INR Ex Tax: 13,369.00INR

XOLO 8X-1200 (Black)

XOLO 8X-1200 (Black)..

19,556.00INR Ex Tax: 19,556.00INR


XOLO A510S..

7,300.00INR Ex Tax: 7,300.00INR

XOLO A700S (Black)

XOLO A700S (Black)..

6,745.00INR Ex Tax: 6,745.00INR

XOLO LT900 (Black)

XOLO LT900 (Black)..

10,080.00INR Ex Tax: 10,080.00INR

XOLO Omega (Black)

XOLO Omega (Black)..

8,749.00INR Ex Tax: 8,749.00INR

XOLO Opus 2 Q1000 (Black)

XOLO Opus 2 Q1000 (Black)..

9,074.00INR Ex Tax: 9,074.00INR

XOLO Play (Black)

XOLO Play (Black)..

9,340.00INR Ex Tax: 9,340.00INR

XOLO Play 6X-1000 (Black)

XOLO Play 6X-1000 (Black)..

11,550.00INR Ex Tax: 11,550.00INR

XOLO Play 6X-1000 (White)

XOLO Play 6X-1000 (White)..

11,450.00INR Ex Tax: 11,450.00INR

XOLO Play 8X (Black)

XOLO Play 8X (Black)..

18,990.00INR Ex Tax: 18,990.00INR

XOLO Q1000 (Black)

XOLO Q1000 (Black)..

11,771.00INR Ex Tax: 11,771.00INR

XOLO Q1000 (White)

XOLO Q1000 (White)..

11,817.00INR Ex Tax: 11,817.00INR

XOLO Q1000 Opus (Black)

XOLO Q1000 Opus (Black)..

7,900.00INR Ex Tax: 7,900.00INR