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If you're looking for a highly performant laptop with power efficient components and an attractive design that is also affordable, then you are in the right place, as Asus is the right laptop manufacturer for you. Here you will be able to find low-budget laptops that are just as good as many of their more expensive competitors.

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Asus X550LC-XX223D X 

Asus X550LC-XX223D X ..

52,090.00INR Ex Tax: 52,090.00INR

Asus X550LC-XX325D X 

Asus X550LC-XX325D X ..

41,660.00INR Ex Tax: 41,660.00INR

Asus X550LD (XX082D) Notebook 

Asus X550LD (XX082D) Notebook ..

52,099.00INR Ex Tax: 52,099.00INR

Asus X550LD-XX064D X 

Asus X550LD-XX064D X ..

42,400.00INR Ex Tax: 42,400.00INR

Asus X550LD-XX082D X 

Asus X550LD-XX082D X ..

50,440.00INR Ex Tax: 50,440.00INR

Asus X551CA-SX014H Laptop 

Asus X551CA-SX014H Laptop ..

27,999.00INR Ex Tax: 27,999.00INR

Asus X551MA-SX101D X

Asus X551MA-SX101D X..

21,300.00INR Ex Tax: 21,300.00INR

Asus X551MAV-SX262D X 

Asus X551MAV-SX262D X ..

21,899.00INR Ex Tax: 21,899.00INR

Asus X552CL-SX019D Laptop 

Asus X552CL-SX019D Laptop ..

28,220.00INR Ex Tax: 28,220.00INR

Asus X552CL-XX220D Notebook

Asus X552CL-XX220D Notebook..

31,999.00INR Ex Tax: 31,999.00INR

Asus X552CL-XX220D X 

Asus X552CL-XX220D X ..

30,600.00INR Ex Tax: 30,600.00INR

Asus X552EA-SX006D Laptop 

Asus X552EA-SX006D Laptop ..

25,599.00INR Ex Tax: 25,599.00INR

Asus X553MA-XX513D Notebook 

Asus X553MA-XX513D Notebook ..

20,975.00INR Ex Tax: 20,975.00INR

Asus XX513D X Series

Asus XX513D X Series..

20,790.00INR Ex Tax: 20,790.00INR

Asus XX515D X Series

Asus XX515D X Series..

20,800.00INR Ex Tax: 20,800.00INR