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If you're looking for a highly performant laptop with power efficient components and an attractive design that is also affordable, then you are in the right place, as Asus is the right laptop manufacturer for you. Here you will be able to find low-budget laptops that are just as good as many of their more expensive competitors.

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Asus Bing X Series

Asus Bing X Series..

21,499.00INR Ex Tax: 21,499.00INR

Asus Bing X553MA

Asus Bing X553MA..

22,500.00INR Ex Tax: 22,500.00INR

Asus Bing-KX395B X 

Asus Bing-KX395B X ..

21,020.00INR Ex Tax: 21,020.00INR

Asus C300MA-R0003 Netbook

Asus C300MA-R0003 Netbook..

26,499.00INR Ex Tax: 26,499.00INR

Asus CT013H (Touch Screen) F Series

Asus CT013H (Touch Screen) F Series..

34,500.00INR Ex Tax: 34,500.00INR

Asus F200CA-CT192H F

Asus F200CA-CT192H F..

34,399.00INR Ex Tax: 34,399.00INR

Asus F200CA-KX069H F 

Asus F200CA-KX069H F ..

22,880.00INR Ex Tax: 22,880.00INR

Asus F201E-KX262H F 

Asus F201E-KX262H F ..

22,500.00INR Ex Tax: 22,500.00INR

Asus F451C F Series

Asus F451C F Series..

25,899.00INR Ex Tax: 25,899.00INR

Asus F451CA-VX153D F Series

Asus F451CA-VX153D F Series..

24,500.00INR Ex Tax: 24,500.00INR

Asus F550CC-CJ671H Notebook

Asus F550CC-CJ671H Notebook..

49,170.00INR Ex Tax: 49,170.00INR

Asus F550CC-CJ979H Notebook

Asus F550CC-CJ979H Notebook..

39,270.00INR Ex Tax: 39,270.00INR

Asus G551JK-DM053H ROG Series

Asus G551JK-DM053H ROG Series..

82,998.00INR Ex Tax: 82,998.00INR

Asus K55VM-SX086V Laptop

Asus K55VM-SX086V Laptop..

58,479.00INR Ex Tax: 58,479.00INR

Asus KX034D F Series

Asus KX034D F Series..

25,610.00INR Ex Tax: 25,610.00INR