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International Spices

International Spices

We at Namma Market want you to be able to prepare incredible foods that are tasty and full of flavour, which is why we offer you a wide collection of carefully selected international spices, made of high quality ingredients, and that at amazing prices.

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All Purpose Seasoning Classic 60 gm Jar

All Purpose Seasoning Classic is a combination of herbs and spices that you can sprinkle on any dish..

99.00INR Ex Tax: 99.00INR

Basil Freeze Dried 7 gm Jar

Basil Freeze Dried is used for flavouring Tomato Basil Soup, Herbed Chicken, Basil Goat Cheese Pizza..

95.00INR Ex Tax: 95.00INR

Cheese Powder White Cheddar : Buy 1 Get 1 F... 50 gm Bottle

This Cheese Powder White Cheddar makes a delicious and velvety smooth sauce for pasta, casseroles, o..

99.00INR Ex Tax: 99.00INR

Garlic Powder : Buy 1 Get 1 Free 60 gm

Garlic powder has all the benefits of whole garlic as it is a powdered version of it. It makes a nut..

50.00INR Ex Tax: 50.00INR

Mixed Herbs 25 gm Bottle

Mixed herbs is a common mix of different dried herbs, ready for use without needing to measure out i..

65.00INR Ex Tax: 65.00INR

Onion Powder : Buy 1 Get 1 Free 50 gm Bottle

Onion Powder is an important flavouring in almost every country in the world. When combined with oth..

50.00INR Ex Tax: 50.00INR

Oregano 25 gm Bottle

The warm, balsamic and aromatic flavour of oregano makes it the perfect addition to Mediterranean an..

64.00INR Ex Tax: 64.00INR

Oregano Freeze Dried 7 gm Pouch

The warm, balsamic and aromatic flavour of oregano makes it the perfect addition to Mediterranean an..

95.00INR Ex Tax: 95.00INR

Parsley Herb 10 gm Bottle

Parsley is the world's most popular herb. It is widely used for its earthy flavour. It blends well w..

65.00INR Ex Tax: 65.00INR

Pepper Grinder 50 gm Bottle

Enhance the taste and flavour of your main dishes with this Black Pepper Grinder. The bottle stores ..

159.00INR Ex Tax: 159.00INR

Powder Travancore Nutmeg 65 gm Jar

The Powder Travancore Nutmeg is a spice with a delicate sweet fragrance. It is a versatile aromatic ..

195.00INR Ex Tax: 195.00INR

Pure Herbs Oregano 30 gm Jar

Pure Herbs Oregano contains wonderful culinary and healing properties. This herb is broadly used in ..

80.00INR Ex Tax: 80.00INR

Rosemary Herb 33 gm Bottle

The Rosemary Herb is an aromatic, spicy herb ideal for flavouring meats, roasts, baked dishes, sauté..

65.00INR Ex Tax: 65.00INR

Sabja Seeds 90 gm Bottle

Sabja seeds are one of the under expected ingredient in Indian food preparation. They are elective s..

90.00INR Ex Tax: 90.00INR

Seasoning Italian 30 gm Pouch

Seasoning Italian is a perfect blend of Certified Organic Spices And Herbs to savour your Italian Cu..

99.00INR Ex Tax: 99.00INR